Focus Groups

The Jeffersonian Institute is an ideal facility for focus groups. Focus groups require special venues to meet the exacting parameters that govern such endeavors. A hotel or retreat center is not likely to afford the privacy and control that is needed.

The Jeffersonian Institute provides large formal rooms for use as courtrooms, plus breakout rooms for jury simulation, focus groups, and to monitor mock research. The entire facility, interior and exterior, exudes the formality of a courthouse and carries the emotional impact of actually working within a court.

All focus group activity takes place in one building and can be completely isolated from the public.

Our location, just twelve miles from the Marshall, Texas courthouse and within the Eastern District of Texas, makes the Jeffersonian Institute an ideal facility for patent litigation research and focus groups. The region offers a diverse population from which a viable, unpolluted mock jury pool can be easily assembled.

To schedule a Focus Group by reserving space at the Jeffersonian Institute, simply contact us at (903) 665-2567 or (903) 733-1035, or via email at

Office hours are Monday Friday, 8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.
Other times are available, including weekends, by appointment or reservations.