Dedicated to Sustainability and Education

The Jeffersonian Institute is dedicated to promoting sustainable practices in construction and community planning. We provide educational opportunities in a wide range of environmental subjects. Focus in on building design techniques and construction methods that promote a stable environment and reduce overall cost to the life cycle of buildings and communities.

The Institute building is a visual reproduction of a nineteenth century business center on the shores of the Big Cypress Bayou. In the early 1800s, Jefferson, Texas was the furthest inland port on the Red River water system. Grand and bold, our modern building is located at the edge of the port where steamboats unloaded freight and passengers from New Orleans to man and provision the building of the newly blossoming Texas interior.

Today, Jefferson is a brick and mortar jewel in the Cypress Valley of Texas. Hills forested in pine and hardwood trees adjoin Cypress Bayous and swamps. Downstream from Jefferson is Caddo Lake, a maze of sloughs, bayous & ponds created from lush vegetation. History is treasured and maintained here as a living essence in the daily life of the city. Residents and visitors are enveloped in sights of early Americana and the palpable independence of pioneer Texans.

The Jeffersonian Institute continues the pioneering traditions of Jefferson and the progressive thinking of Thomas Jefferson, by helping to build a new Texas with a sustainable, environmentally conscious, innovative, and imaginative approach to development.

Our non-profit goal is to provide teaching and learning opportunities that lead to a more sustainable future.